How To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Backpack

Australians love outdoor activities, including hiking, camping and living rough in the bush. Of course, to do this as a hobby, you need certain equipment as you do for all hobbies. An outdoor equipment store will be your best friend, but there are so many options for each product that it can be hard to decide on just one. The backpack is probably the most essential piece of your whole kit because it allows you to bring the other necessary items with you. But what makes a good outdoor backpack? Here are some quick tips.

The Very Basic Needs

Whether you are going for a simple two-hour hike or a multi-week trek through the wilderness, your backpack will need these features at a minimum:

Waterproof: This is an absolute must. Don't buy a backpack at a regular department store and assume it will be waterproof. An outdoor equipment store will have different levels of waterproof bags, but at a bare minimum, it needs to be able to keep moderate levels of rain out.

Heavy-duty zips and zippers: Test the zippers before you buy a bag. You will immediately feel a quality difference in cheap, flimsy zippers compared to the more heavy-duty metal ones. 

Light: Get the lightest bag that fits your needs. Every gram of weight counts when you are lugging it around all day. However, do not sacrifice the other two features for a lighter weight.

Consider Your Budget

The blessing and curse of an outdoor equipment store are that there are so many items. That makes it great for choice but hard to narrow down what you need. Before you go into a store, you should really think about what you want to use your backpack for and what other bits of equipment you need. Some high-end outdoor backpacks might have built-in drink bottles, solar recharging slots for devices or even the capacity to fold out into a mini swag. However, do you need that feature or can you make do without it? If your budget is larger, then by all means, get the best backpack you can. But most people should think about the basic features they need, find a well-built backpack that meets all items on their checklist and then use the money they saved on something else. 

Ask An Expert

The best part about going to an outdoor equipment store is all the professionals who work in it have an intimate knowledge of the items they sell. They know which backpacks are better suited to certain conditions and which ones are only built for light use. You will not get this sort of expertise at a regular department store, even if they have a special on hiking equipment every once in a while. Bring your checklist of necessary items and, if you are still confused, ask a nearby associate if they have any opinions. You may be surprised at their wealth of knowledge as many of them are hiking and camping enthusiasts themselves.

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