The Pros and Cons of Roof Top Tents

People who are planning to go camping may be wondering whether they should buy root-top tents or terrestrial (ground) tents. This article discusses some of the benefits and the drawbacks of roof-top tents. Use this information to decide whether this type of tent will address your needs.

The Pros

Space Economy. Roof-top tents usually allow you to keep the mattress, pillows and blankets inside the tent when you fold it at the end of the night. This frees up the space inside your vehicle for storing your other camping gear, such as the cooking utensils and food supplies.

Greater Comfort. Roof-top tents enable you to be comfortable in several ways while you sleep. First, the roof-top tent is usually better ventilated at that higher elevation from the ground. This reduces how hot you may feel while you sleep. Secondly, you will hardly have any problems with crawling insects when the tent is on the roof of your vehicle.

Easy Deployment. Some roof-top tents are integrated into the structure of the car. Such tents have a hydraulic or electric system that eases their deployment when you reach your chosen camping site. Even those that aren't integrated into the car roof can be easy to deploy because they are already installed on the rack of the vehicle. This is in contrast to ground tents that are installed from scratch once you reach the camping ground.

The Cons

Heavy Weight. Roof-top tents are usually much heavier than ground/terrestrial tents. This weight can limit the other things that you can carry on the roof of your vehicle before you reach the maximum permissible weight that the rack can carry.

Higher Cost. Roof-top tents are more expensive than the tents that you pitch on the ground. The higher cost may be due to the stronger materials that are used to ensure that the tent will be stable and safe once it has been installed. However, this higher cost is often offset by the longer service life of these tents.

Complicated Installation. One usually requires the help of a trained person to help him or her to install the tent on the roof of the car. This technical support is necessary to limit any damage or injuries that may result when the tent is poorly installed.

Think carefully about the advantages and the disadvantages that are associated with roof-top tents before you make a final decision. You can also contact different suppliers of those tents because different models may have different features that address some of the concerns that you may have about these tents. Only then will you feel empowered to select the best type of tent for your camping trip.