A girl's guide to planning your pack for a camping trip

If your boyfriend or significant other has convinced you to go on a camping trip, and you are decidedly not the outdoors type, it's time to get smart about what you pack. Here are the essentials to keep you feeling your best when you are on your camping trip.

A hiking bag

If you don't have a hiking bag already, head into an army disposal store to get fitted. While you can always borrow one from your boyfriend, hiking bags need to be fitted and adjusted to heights and you may find that your partner's bags are very uncomfortable for you to carry for a long period if you are different heights. Many women need shorter bags, to fit their shorter torsos.

Baby wipes

You may not get a chance to shower for a couple of days when out in the bush. Bring some baby wipes to wipe down your face, and other sweaty areas before bed. It won't be as nice as a hot shower, but will be better than trying to sleep with a grimy face.

A scrubber bag

One of the best ways to feel fresh is fresh clothes. Scrubber bags let you agitate and clean clothes on a flexible rubber washboard, and fold down to a small and lightweight package, which is easy to fit into any storage item. This is a great way to wash out small items particularly like socks, underwear and singlets so you don't have to carry as many clothing items on the trip. These are often available from army disposal stores.

A quick dry towel

Camping towels or chamois are very quick to dry so you don't end up needing to cart around a heavy wet towel if you do find a shower or just go swimming. They are also a great way to dry off wet hair in the colder weather and can be hung from your bag to dry out as you walk. These are often available from army disposal stores in a range of sizes.

Sensible shoes

While your standard athletic shoes are fine on established and relatively flat paths, if you are heading into rockier terrain if can be sensible to pick up a pair of hiking boots which offer ankle support if you take a tumble. Rolled ankles have put an end to many camping trips.

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